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A dream is a wish you heart makes…

Now you’ve got it!🎶

Happy 59th birthday to my absolute favorite on the planet! Disneyland has seriously become like home to me, and I am so beyond grateful for the people and endless memories it has brought into my life. Wish I was there to celebrate but only a short 40 days until I’m back🙌💕
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Happy 59th birthday to the place I absolutely consider to be ‘home’💕


Disney Secret #189: No matter what you ask Aurora, she’ll always respond back with “PINK”

-What’s your favorite color?
-Do you like your pink or blue dress better?
-How old are you?
-How was your day?


Disney Secret #198: Mickey and Minnie have the same last name because they’re siblings


The beautiful Snow White / Blanche Neige in the Princess Pavilion. Photo by DisneylandParisFans

I just need a new, short, cute, not-taken username for Instagram/Twitter and I’m fresh out of ideas dang it

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Disney Secret #185: Kristoff is in WDW because Florida ran out of ice so he had to deliver some